Hi, I'm Sebastian!

I just started my final year of studying computer science and entrepreneurship at Princeton University. I'm actively recruiting for an entry-level product management position and expect to graduate in June 2019.

My Work

Google Associate Product Manager internship
Summer 2018 internship

This summer I'm in Google's Associate Product Manager internship program at the company's Mountain View headquarters in California.

I'm managing growth initiatives for Google's products for families and learning a ton in the process!

A screenshot of the MacDropAny app interface
Mac app

Sync any folder on your Mac with your favourite cloud storage service, for access from any device, anywhere in the world, for free.

MacDropAny has been featured in LifeHacker, Macworld, and been used more than 750,000 times all around the world.

Learn more about MacDropAny
A screenshot of the Princeton Courses website
Princeton Courses
Web app

I lead the team that built Princeton Courses, a powerful web app for browsing Princeton University course listings and evaluations.

Princeton Courses is the most popular student-created course searching tool, and was used by 45% of the student population last semester.

Visit Princeton Courses
A screenshot of the Princeton Courses website
Keep Asking
Web app

Keep Asking makes it easy to create, distribute, and manage recurring feedback surveys. The app empowers surveyors to administer surveys with minimal, constant-time effort.

I built Keep Asking as an human-computer interaction research project as part of my computer science degree.

Visit Keep Asking
A view across New York's East River, with the words \
SWE Internship at MongoDB
Summer 2017 internship

Between my second and third years of university, I worked as a software engineering intern on MongoDB's Node.js Driver team in New York City.

I developed the Node.js driver's support for Change Streams. My implementation was the first across all of MongoDB's many language-specific drivers, and involved iteratively providing feedback on the specification to the server team.

I also collaborated with another intern to implement wire protocol compression in the driver, making communications to the database faster.

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